Motivated by a lack of material.

Our Favorite Girl

Momma, Mother, Mommy, or Mom she is simply AMAZING. She is life influence personified.

I am grateful for every day the good Lord gives me to share with mine. Distance has been difficult for me, but I talk to her daily. Thank you technology and air travel.

She is the first real friend you ever have. Everything she does takes on a magical, mystifying air. I think the truly ironic thing about her is that each mother’s child believes and sees the most beautiful, smart, sweet, special, loving being on this Earth. No one can cook,  no one can solve problems, or fix a hurt like she can. It doesn’t matter how old or young we are, her mere presence makes us feel secure. We know if she is here or even near by there is hope. Talk about a “Super-Hero”.

Even if she is no longer occupying this space with us we can  have solace knowing she loved us and she resides in our hearts forever to give us the strength to go on.

Kiss her if you can, loves her the best way you are able to,  and cherish the fact that you were  blessed to have had her in your life, because you should.


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3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Girl

  1. Mary on said:


  2. Brought tears to my eyes

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