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You Hurt My Feelings and I AM MAD!

What gives someone the right to do this to you? Sometimes it is intentional, sometimes it is not. If the first occurs you have “Carte Blanc” in your dealings with them. However, what about the other? How do you address your feelings when it is very possible the perpetrator has no idea about what they have done.

This was an easy one for me of sorts, because  at the time I started I was in that state.  I wanted to cuss and cry at the same time. It seems as though I am experiencing this more than I care to of late.  I look to self first, am I being just too sensitive? Is it the other way around?

In dealing with hurt feelings you have to guard against perhaps putting other issues in where they normally would not enter.  Anger often enters and it truly distorts vantage points. Dealing with one wound you are already sensitive, it is understandable why another one could easily happen. If you slow down, don’t react immediately, and give yourself a chance to really look at what is going on, you may just find the answer you were searching for.

I was quite motivated when I began this piece, but fortunately I did what I am suggesting. Otherwise I cannot say, nor imagine what may have been written here. Sometimes we want to be the victim, sometimes we want to be damaged, it gives us an excuse for our behavior. One must note having what is deemed as an excuse does not always justify ones actions. I suggest you tread lightly because you are not immune to these same feelings, the pain and heartache you save may be your own.


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One thought on “You Hurt My Feelings and I AM MAD!

  1. Mary on said:

    Right on my sistah….

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