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Why Are Humans So Dirty?

As I walked down the cleaning supplies aisle at the store. Said to myself,” There is no need/reason for us to have to exist in dirty environments. Except for the fact that human beings are for lack of a better description are “PIGS”.

First off let me be clear, I am OCD regarding being clean. I am not embarrassed about it. I kinda think I fell into it by virtue of my upbringing. My parents had a janitorial service when I was growing up. I hated that they did that type of business, but I would go along and help when I was allowed. I promised myself I would never do anything as demeaning as cleaning up after other people. All I could think of was what the actual process was, I never took into consideration the fact they were small business owners. Growing up in Southern California, I wanted to be the daughter of a doctor as I had an aunt and uncle who both were. Never be mistaken that I loved my parents, I could NOT have had better ones. I just wanted something more glamourous. There was absolute irony that decades later my late husband, my late son and myself would own and operate a cleaning business.

The adventure began with my spouse and I working for a franchise cleaning company. It was horrible! We were sent blindly into homes and businesses of humans who for various reasons were unable or unwilling to pick up after themselves. It was both a harrowing and eye-opening process. It allowed us to be hands-on in a testing ground for our future business. Now years later as I address the dirty human condition as I see it, I have a point of reference. The process did begin at home.

The child who neglected to return toys to the proper spot, the parent that let the child express themselves by hurling forks filled with food across the room… well now that child has grown up and littering the streets does not seem to be a problem or concern. When you hear this perhaps you are surprised. If that is the case, you will be even more surprised when you find these same individuals feeling no remorse or reservation in trashing the very location they reside at/in. No respect, no concern, no value given to one’s surroundings/environment.

Sometimes when we humans are feeling full of ourselves and superior to other life forms find one of our own misbehaving, we will refer to them as “animals”. However, I caution against that reference for in more cases than not “animals” do not relieve themselves where they consume their meals. As we are discussing here, we superior beings are doing just that thing…so I ask,” Who is the ANIMAL?”


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