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Wise and/or Comforting

In the blink of an eye, it happens. The shock and disbelief overwhelm you. No matter how many times before or how many after that this happens, you are NEVER really ready.

You hear the anguish in the one YOU are close to as it is felt. It resonates within your very being and you know how very helpless you are. You can only listen and offer your availability, somehow that seems so trite and insignificant. You want to do something, but you also have to be aware that you could inadvertently say something stupid in your effort to help. You recognize there is no real help that we mortals can actually provide. So you sit silently; if they are in your physical presence take their hand and hold it, hold them if they will allow you to. If you are not with them in person, bond with them in any spiritual fashion that is available. Pray. There are no answers or replies that will help at this point. Just be there. We MUST be there for one another. No man knows the hour… One day someone will have to be there for you, it is likely someone already has been there. Take note of our being so interconnected. Help the one in need to simply…breathe


Contentment In The Land Of “Frogz”

It had rained all night and rather hard at times too. However, in the morning as the dark blue sky gave way to light blue and orange, there was the sound of nature all around. She walked onto the “rocking chair” front porch where she was overtaken by the typical. Not since childhood had she seen, heard, or felt what she was presently experiencing. Then she realized there was a chorus going on; it could NOT be mistaken for subtle for it was all around. All of her adult life she had avoided frogz, they were her metaphor for men, borrowed from a survivor of a type of slavery. Yet now all around her the unseen frogs made their presence clear. The odd thing was they gave her a sense of comfort. She laughingly spoke, “waking up with frogz, maybe there is something to this..” Was this unexpected, beautiful awareness delivering another message?

The beauty of nature will give you a sense of calm, if you let it. As we continue our journey here on this planet, the things we held in high esteem, the things we thought important before now have to lend way to the freshness of our new existence. We hold on tight to that which we know that which is familiar. Yet with each passing day those same things are slipping away from us. They are getting outside our reach; they are impossible to keep up with but all along there is our reality which IS just inches away.

Stop playing catch up/ keep up, be on time and within your range. I am NOT saying slow down, merely stay inside the safety zone/YOUR safety zone. We have to become more aware of our limitations but not be afraid to explore the possibilities. Therefore, when things seem just overwhelming take a look around you may find that the problem is you have been overlooking your contentment because you were avoiding YOUR frogz, instead stop and listen to their soothing chorus. You may be stifling yourself because you think there are too many and you will be overtaken; there is plenty of room and you may not ever see what you fear. Finally, you be may surprised and find them NOT be nearly as bad as you thought.

Misuses and Manipulations

Here we go again. Someone opens their mouth or writes an opinion piece or gets cause saying something that can come back and bite them in the butt. When and where does that happen you may naively ask? You needn’t look far. In our society one that vacillates from 1st Amendment rights to sticking the perpetual foot in one’s mouth it has become the flavor of the day. Yet at the heart of it all we find the real victim, WORDS.

Just because you went to school and successfully completed an English class or two does NOT mean you know how to use words, let alone use them wisely. We have been reduced to creatures that would rather text than talk. Ever hear, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it”. Well folks many have done just that..LOST IT!

Proclaiming the right to say what they please because the U.S. Bill of Rights grant them this freedom. I venture to say if presented that way many of these same folks would scratch their heads in confusion because “they” were speaking of the Constitution. YIKES!!!. This is a pondering research point in case you missed it.

Listen, just because you can does NOT mean you should. Joe Rogan, case in point. I do not follow this guy; prior to his apology for using racial slurs more than once on HIS PODCASTS, he was insignificant to me. I did bother to look him up and found where his fame came from. Still not impressed or moved by his idiocy (my opinion). I have to point out what is taking up considerable time; our ability to take whatever we are fed by media, celebrity, hearsay and then running with it. Please read this whole blog before you tear it, me, my opinion to shreds.

Political views, lack of concern for our fellow human beings, headline grabbing, and greed now shapes the way we see one another more than ever. What’s more we are rapidly losing our ability to physically speak/ talk to one another. I’ll just send a text is a way of life. Therefore, you have a society of people who don’t know what they are talking about, saying things they do not understand and NOT caring who they offend or hurt in the process. There is no room for tact, decorum, or facts in this society thus we are all becoming victims and causalities of this behavior. A great place to hide is in the phrase and one time rule of thumb Absence Of Malice. However, who needs that anymore? Just say anything. (sarcasm)

Take this from me, from this piece. I do not think anyone has the right to use a racial slur. I do believe many more than ones caught on tape (so to speak) do. I do believe in the freedoms granted by the 1st amendment, but I also believe it is misused, manipulated and left up to the interpretation of whomever has a stake in the game at any given moment. We as humans are all capable of making honest mistakes, we are also all capable of learning from them. If I do something or say something wrong allow me to make an effort to make it right. However, if I do this wrong thing in a blatant public fashion, take for granted I knew what I was doing and expect me to accept the consequences. I have no doubt Joe Rogan is sorry, I just question how and what he is actually sorry for. To the folks who do not think an apology is enough then figure out what is acceptable and then be willing to be the recipient of that SAME fate if you are ever caught doing the same/similar. Idealistic… perhaps but then this is ONLY my humble opinion.

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