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Ooooooh Weeeee Moments

Angrily, I left the grocery store. I am at wits end. There is so much built-up inside of me I could burst. I am feeling a little sorry for myself, the self-proclaimed martyr, when I look up and see one of the grocery checkers riding one of the shopping carts to the resting spot, so he could collect them and return them to the inside of the store. I could not take my eyes off of him, and I smiled. The only thing missing from this scene was the sound that was undoubtedly being silenced with extraordinary control. OOOOH WEEEEE! The night was a bit cool, way unusual for June in Georgia. The lights of the parking lot gave off a fluorescent blue hue to all of the cars and it was quiet, not silent for there were sounds of the road above the lot and faint voices. I took a deep breath and still smiling I went to my car.

Every-so-often we all need a shopping cart ride or to spin around in a circle, to remind us that one of the wonders of life is that it doesn’t always take something monumental to make us feel good, but feeling good is monumental.


Can We Connect

40 years flew passed me today. I found a couple of friends from my childhood. Wonderful Social Media. Much like you cannot go home, revisiting people who were in your life can be a difficult road to travel.

I was so excited to find them, but it seemed my enthusiasm was not shared. The connection was accepted but beyond that…. well it remained to be seen.

I have an idea of what should happen when we connect with folks, or how about this, what I/we think should happen. Suddenly, I realized that what this was really about. ME. Yes, once again I had taken a situation and turned it into a personal opportunity to illuminate myself. As noted, the statement was “once again”. This is obviously a reoccurring issue with me and it got me thinking.

I thought about the way people in the “limelight” sometimes have a problem with returning to a normal life. A life where no one recognizes them, a life where thousands of fans aren’t screaming for them. Is it possible that we as everyday people long for the “limelight” of our worlds as well?

My mother told me over the years how my favorite aunt (who was actually her aunt) said when I was a small child(less than 4) that I was going to be an entertainer, because I loved to talk. What did Aunt Sis see? What  gave her insight to a  person that I often deny, that many would question the very existence of? Yet, she is there and the more I ignore her, the more she does things whether they are good or bad to bring the “limelight” to her. She does not give up or give in. She has put me in some bad positions over the years, because I have not paid attention to her. You might ask how could you live with someone for so long and not acknowledge or even recognize  them. I don’t have a logical answer, but I do know it is the case with me.

Now that I have seen and realize the “scene stealer” is in me; I can return to a couple of places I recently visited and possibly avoid my seemingly favorite spot, “foot-in-mouth” haven. My connecting with the old friends now comes with the realization these friends, were in fact closer to my sibling so many years ago. Ah yes “I” was not the focal point. Therefore, just because I found them is secondary to “their ” reconnection with their true friend. I needed to be able to see this as not being an oversight or being slighted, but this “I” was an addition. Life is funny, the simplest concepts sometimes still manage to escape us.

A Fairy Tale Come True

Who do you know that fits this description. As I look over pages of different friends profiles, I see so many photos. The ladies are beautiful and radiant, the gentlemen are dashing and proud. What a world waiting for them.

I don’t want to burst any bubble here, but I cannot help saying….. take the chloroform away. Our era weddings and marriage was different from our parents. Today there is an ongoing debate about homosexuals being able to marry in our country. I say” who really cares”, but it is not that simple. This is as volatile as the political and religious debates, for it encompasses them both. However, you have to ask yourself WHY.

Who does not dream of an idyllic existence. A life uncomplicated with worry. The right place, the right mate everything as it should be or very close to this. Who are we to deny anyone the right to have this very thing.

Marriage a sacred and holy alliance between a man and a woman. What does this mean to you, what does it mean to “us”. We have grown up during a time period when divorce was whispered about, now approximately 50% of all marriages end in them. No more whispering here.

I go back to those handsome and beautiful smiling faces. They are so full of joy and hope. Why would you want to deny anyone the opportunity to feel those very same things. Keeping human beings from basic needs is a terrible thing to overcome; and the very ones who deprive often end up feeling the results of the same hurt and disappointment they have inflicted, in other ways.

If the bride wears white and the groom wears black, or both brides have on white suits, or the grooms sport matching Hawaiian shirts let everyone have their fairytale moments.  The more happy human there are around, the more happiness there is to go around.

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