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Sometimes You Just Have To Cry

This morning I was on my facebook timeline and I looked at a post my little sister put on it a couple days ago. It was  Crystal Gayle’s song “Don’t It make My Brown Eyes Blue”. Initially I smiled because it was one of my father’s favorite songs. I then looked over it’s information and saw/realized it was a hit the year I graduated from high school. I knew back in those days country music was not on the top of my listening lists, but I remember liking it quite a bit. enough to buy it and share it with my dad. Before I knew it there it was this silent yet open mouth cry/laugh.

Sounds weird, well it was. I was laughing at how dad played that song over and over and over again, I was laughing at how I knew he loved Crystal Gayle and dubbed her  so beautiful and I knew a great deal of what he found beautiful about her was her gorgeous hair,  I laughed about the irony of her hit about brown eyes being blue when her truly beautiful eyes were clearly not brown, and the cry was about how much I miss my dad every single day.

Though not a single tear was shed, I felt cleansed and free. I knew I needed that feeling, that cry, and I wanted to express to some of my readers that it is okay if you are sometimes overcome with the need to cry. Don’t fight it; just go with it, something needs to get out and it may be a smiling memory you’ve been putting on the back-burner of your mind. My brown eyes weren’t blue at all, but I thank Miss Crystal Gayle for that happy memory.


Facing Your Fear

The bump in the night awakens you, the light at the end of a dark corridor, the still quiet in the middle of the day; what may not seem to be very much to others is major for you if there is something that frightens you.

Fear is a peculiar thing; sometimes it is blatant, sometimes it is subtle, it can be paralyzing, or it can make you turn and run. However, it does  have one common denominator, it stops you.

We resist change because we do not know what the outcome will be. We know what present conditions are;they may be bad, they may be tolerable, they may even be good as far as we are concerned. Therefore, we can be alright with present circumstances staying the same. For even if the situation is bad we fool ourselves by saying, “Well at least I know what I am up against.” That can and will console you IF you know for certain that things will be worse. Remember you MUST KNOW things will be worse.

None of us knows what is going to happen next in our society; we all have hopes, wishes, aspirations and even preferences. If you are on the bottom you may want to be on top, if you are on top you may well prefer to stay there. Wherever you are, you concede that an effort will be necessary to change or preserve your spot. We all have to know that  CHANGE is going to come into our lives. It has to, for it is the way of life.

I recall how many individuals laughed and made light of Rodney King’s statement, ” Can’t we all just get along?” People laughed at a simple statement coming from an individual, who many would like to think of as, not being all that bright. How could someone like that get philosophical. Yet my Christian friends are familiar with “Out of the mouths of babes…” We are willing to believe a child could have wisdom and insight, but not a man who may have had his very life flash before him, as he managed to stay alive after being beaten within an inch of his life. Save your cynicism, for even a drunk person will sober up a bit after having ice cold water thrown all over him. Think about a life altering experience YOU may have had in your years upon this Earth, didn’t you walk away with something positive, insightful, or inspirational to say. I think A Brush With Death has that type of effect on one.

Yes, absolutely we can all get along, we just have to want to.

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