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Dating Karma

Dating karma, dating ,or just karma…whatever. Those words, the excuses and explanations all rolled up into one. For because we are truly at a loss and it gives us an “out”.

Let’s begin this journey. Thrust into the single life, because you have life, you have to go on. The creatures that we are… humans; social and sometimes needy, we venture into the dating world. Young and resilient you tend to be up for the challenge…but what of the older seasoned type. What is in store for us? Scarier than any thrill ride I have taken, we stand in a perpetual line waiting. What are we waiting for? There are no pictures of people smiling, yelling with excitement…there is just the line. The line is long too.

Feeling confident, feeling smart the search begins. However, the rules have changed and in spite of having basic knowledge of this there is no real preparation. One must dive in feet first. So many avenues, so many possibilities…it still a “turkey shoot”. Try to be honest and open, but by no means too trusting.

Not all matches and attempted couplings are successes. I know, you did not see that coming (pure sarcasm). We have to examine the bad matches because there will be far more of these than there will be good ones. If there is an immediate bad vibe, that is easy you throw it into reverse and back away/walk away. Here is where being as honest as possible comes into play. Then there are times that you keep telling yourself, “Well, this is not too bad..” You continue, hoping the good will outweigh the bad. It does not. As reasonably intelligent, definitely(according to chronology) mature adults you discuss and part ways in a civil amicable fashion. YeahRight.

No one likes rejection and simply not being a match for one individual or another is NOT a simple rejection. As sophisticated as we like to believe we are, we are still very primitive and basic. If I like dark skin and you are light.., if you like brown eyes and mine are blue..don’t take it personal, move on. Truth is, you may never know the truth. You may not be willing to share the truth. That HAS to be okay, for your sanity’s sake.

Then there is the coward’s way out…”ghostin”. As I mentioned before we are very primitive and basic…this is NOT working or is NOT going to work so lets cut our losses and move on. Plus you don’t have to really hurt anyone’s feelings (yeah about that).

To address the matter at hand, the dating karma. I provide all this background for the payoff. Well all I can tell you is another basic concept, if you dish it out be able to take it.


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