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The Dating Game- Swipe Left

I resent that as a lefty-of sorts( I write tend to use a fork with my left hand). Anyway all that to say, I do NOT associate the left with being bad or negative. Yet on this already insane ride I need to let my readers know swiping left is not a good thing, it is a rejection for one reason or another.

I answered literally hundreds of questions as I started this journey. I felt as a newbie I should be honest and to the point without giving up too much info that may put me at risk one way or another.

I have a formula and I have to tell you it has been revised at least twice since I began to take this seriously. I also must share with you, it too is flawed.

I started with what were desired characteristics and went from there. As a tall woman who is QUITE proud of this fact I felt a tall man would be in order. If the description indicated other than tall,he was swiped. Sometimes the height is NOT revealed, so then he gets to the next elimination phase. However sometimes the photos would tell a story; you know the guy standing near a  life sized statue of Danny Devito looking up, was a pretty good indicator he could be vertically challenged.

Your “deal breaker” may NOT be height, maybe it is hair color or educational background I  tell you this you will find yourself trying to give your choices more chances simply because after a very short time it will start occurring to you that YOU may be the problem. Don’t be discouraged, just keep swiping left till you see someone worthy, someone right or “right swipe-worthy”.



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