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The Dating Game-Profiles

What can you say about yourself to complete strangers that you are comfortable with?

So begins my next installment…As we venture into parts-unknown we find ourselves vacillating between safety, mystery, interest You are asked to tell the site about yourself. I have found this part of the process on so-called legitimate sites “G-Rated”. Whew! what a relief. I am not ready for anything else and I KNOW it can get rather graphic and scary.

I , greenly, stepped into this being consciously and cautiously honest. I laugh as I look back. There are far more lies and liars that people seeking what they state. They lie about everything. Their names, what they do, what they look like and there are photos(LMAO about that one) AND what they are looking for. Hey it is a site specializing in connections. Not one that guarantees you will get married, meet a life long friend, or find a fabulous sex partner BUT my logicalish type mind says to me,” in order to get close to what you are looking for you must put the right criteria out for review”. I clearly have a long way to go and many profiles to review before that happens.

I am laughing as I do this, I am not discouraged. It is fun. funny and time consuming. Being the confrontational person that I am, I actually love it when the robodaters  and/or scammers approach me. Telling signs are as follows;

Really attractive individuals, individuals who do not post pictures implying the face you see is theirs(i.e. pictures of sunsets, beaches, etc)

Really bad communications skills from one with a profile picture indicating they are fluent in some type of language (e.g.”Hello these is a picture ov me skying  at the Vatican.”)

Introductions immediately asking  for another way to contact you cause ” you seem so interesting and they would love to get to know you”, in spite of the fact they seeming answered  the minimum amount of questions. PLUS you disagreed on 3x’s as many answers than you agreed on.

The last one I will mention is endearing terms..”Hi sweetheart, darling, honey, baby and of course, dear”.

Technology…I need to “stay in my own lane.” However, this online site is a somewhat safe, rather lazy, inexpensive way of reviewing possible options without  putting forth a great deal of effort. Again, it is time consuming but OMG!


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