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For Your Consideration

Do you think about someone’s feelings before you act? How many people do you look past, or search through your pockets, or start dialing a number on your cell phone to simply avoid saying “hello” to? Do you walk through the mall like you are the only one there and others need to move or yield to you? Some topics I broach may seem very basic or common sense in nature. Yet I feel they need to be addressed. I see the direction younger people are going and know that we are in part responsible for their _____. I began this and I drew a blank. I could not finish my thought. I was under the impression that this piece was going to be about manners, respect, etc. ; then I got the lesson of the day from Church and it was “apathy”. Suddenly I knew what direction this piece was going in, because the teachings came from the story of Jonah. Read it and the first three verses will make it clear how this piece was turned around for me.

Thinking of someone else is oftentimes difficult to do, we are all wrapped up in self. When that happens it is easy to overlook another person and this is where the lack of consideration comes into play. We become apathetic.  You are cold and unfeeling. Not a good place to be, not a good person to be around. Many of us feel if I am not hurting you that is enough, but we are wrong. God asks us to do more. When someone is in a “bad way” it is not enough that we don’t add to the problem; we are called upon as Christians, as members of the human community to do what we can to improve the situation.

In the beginning of this piece it was easy to address the younger folks and find their faults, my intention was to call upon “us” as the elders to straighten “them” out. However, perhaps the most important thing that can be conveyed here is to straighten out one’s self, for do we not lead by example.

I really don’t mean to “finger point” I want very much to observe and report. Generally I am looking at my personal journeys in this endeavor, and it is funny to see how good intentions can so easily be lead astray. Therefore, I submit to you for your consideration; consider yourself first, before you look to others to point out and pick out.


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One thought on “For Your Consideration

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I understand your point of view.Yes we should be responisble for self,and yes setting an example is a good way to start….

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