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Judgement Call

“Judge not lest ye be judged”. That is a difficult task and this is a difficult thought for me to approach. As one embarks on a Christian walk the challenges are abundant. The everyday things you encounter oftentimes are tests.

How do you NOT judge? I am  of the opinion that being in a state of constant prayer is the only way, but that is because it is the way that works for me. When the urge comes over me to say or think something judgmental, I try to go to the Bible if I am near one or say a silent prayer. Character challenging thoughts invade all of our psyche’s. As you go about doing the everyday tasks these challenging thoughts will come into your head. Do you run and hide or do you face them with the very human weaknesses that we all possess?

I battle with the way I will handle this piece as much as I do personally with the subject matter. One has to define judgment and that is not easy. I found myself straddling gossip and mean thoughts. It seems so easy, forming an opinion, but the criterion of which one uses to form that opinion can/does make all the difference in the world. Couple that with, are we really qualified to form those opinions? Where did we get the authority to judge and who gave it to us?

Every mean thought adds a frown line or furrow in our face, and it steals time away from our much needed, much sought after, much deserved happiness. Every bit of gossip leads us to sin, on one level or another. I clearly remember both parents telling me as a child, “you go to hell as quickly for lying as you do for stealing”.  Sin is sin.God will judge us, don’t we have enough to do keeping our own selves in line.


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One thought on “Judgement Call

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    This is a good read for me.I agree with what you are saying…keep saying it.Judgement call

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