Motivated by a lack of material.

Aren’t They Grand?

I met her on June 21,2010 at 11:08 a.m. in Atlanta, Georgia. I was told this would be a magnificent experience. I was told that she would change my life like no one else I had even met. Instead of scoffing in disbelief, I gave a smile and generally a polite nod of acknowledgment. All the while thinking,” Okay, aren’t we overstating this just a tad…?” However, I have to say what I was told and the actual event itself..well word cannot express.

I am a people watcher by nature; I grew up in Southern California where famous, beautiful people are everywhere. If you allow yourself to be “star-struck” you are in for some very long, interrupted days. Besides, they are just people.

I remember walking through the door and my focus went straight to her. It seemed as thought SHE was illuminating the room. It hit me immediately, I covered my mouth and smiled. There was a quiet excitement going on within. I was subdued and overwhelmed simultaneously. I walked toward her and stopped. My son smiled and said something, I cannot recall his words I was too busy looking at her. He motioned for me to hold her, and I started to take her then I said give her to your Dad I need pictures, but I didn’t take pictures . I let my husband hold her first because I wasn’t able to touch her right then and there at that moment. All I could do was look on at her and say, ” Oh, just look at YOU” over and over. The first picture I took of her was with her grandfather and Uncle Jay. I knew at that moment it did not matter who was there first, who took the first photo, etc. what mattered was her.

Unable to speak but of only that experience, I am going to say I believe that it will be equally wonderful for each subsequent grandchild’s birth. I know the love I feel will be as indescribable and overwhelming as it was with my first one’s arrival. I believe that they are all magnificent. All the signs and indicators point to this. My friends, colleagues, associates and passing strangers; I see them with these special little folks they all have these silly smiles, or speak in funny voices as they  stumble and struggle to do things they wouldn’t normally do if it weren’t for the babies.

So now we, my contemporaries and I, share this another milestone of life. We venture into the land of “grand-parenthood” and I must say, it is GRAND!


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