Motivated by a lack of material.

You Can Count On Me, Until You Do

My family, all of who can swim, and I were caught in an area where a dam’s floodgates were going to be opened.  The time, in this state of limbo, was very brief. There was only time for me to go from one family member to the other and then collectively remind them I could not swim, and in the event we were not to safety before the gates opened they would have to hold onto me. I received “lack-luster” responses, more or less “brush-offs” as though I was overreacting. Although, they affirmed they would look out for me I was still anxious. Suddenly the wall of water broke loose and my family came to life, but they were not looking for me. There was a mad rush toward the closed, locked gates as waters rapidly approached. Terror filled my heart, I was in a state of quiet panic, then the gates opened and we all made it to safety. In the seconds to follow instead of sighs of relief and happy embraces, the scene was filled with me going up to my deserter family members and shoving each and every one of them in the chest as hard as I could and then sharing some choice words. Then I woke up. Whew! It was just a dream, but the next thought was for me to say a quick prayer and I did.

I interpreted that dream. It rocked me and my faith.  I feared a lesson was in the making. I really did not want a lesson, but we do not get to tell the Lord how we need to be taught. I hoped I was in the midst of the lesson already, and the Lord was telling me that He would save me from the disaster; just when I thought it was over, as hopelessness was overtaking me. My thought was and I envisioned, when all is lost you can count on God. That is not what I call an epiphany, that is just real.

I challenge you to examine this statement “You can count on me” , do you know who said it, who it applies to in your life. Maybe the statement was never made, maybe actions implied it. However, do you feel comfortable enough to put this statement to the test. When your loved ones are on the line, is this a wager you would be willing to make? Finally, how does this apply to you? Can you be counted on?


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