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Recreational Spitting

This title would stop ME in my tracks, but since I am the author I hope I can convince you to move forward with the reading. I apologize for the title and subject matter. However, please note it is a “pet-peeve” and this is a place I can address it.

While at the gym I encountered a woman who I connected with. She was petite, attractive and pleasant. She reminded me of a friend of mine who I have known since 3rd grade. I frequent a no frills type gym, because I need to be focused on working out and not outfits of other members. We began talking and low and behold she too was a former Southern Californian. We can detect one another miles away I think. In the midst of extremely hot and humid weather or clannish temperaments of the natives, we tend to forget what brought us south. Yet we are here and that must be noted.

Our brief conversation took us to the local theme park “Six Flags Over Georgia”. The grimace on her face was familiar, as she and I shared the same feelings. We agreed it was dirty feeling, the park personnel rude and unmotivated at best. Then it happened the patrons came up. In the south city and country “mice” will inevitably come together in pubic places. “Honey BooBoo” and family could easily be sitting in the booth across from you at “The Cheesecake Factory”(horrid thought).  An amusement park all bets are off. We agreed “Six Flags Over Georgia” was a place we truly could/would do without. This is where the idea for this piece was birthed.

Spitting is dirty, detestable, and down right nasty. To do it intentionally is just plain appalling.  Want to start a fight, do it to someone. Unlike it’s counterparts of the tobacco family it presents imagery that leaves much to be desired. Before the warnings on packages of cigarettes; Hollywood glamorized even encouraged a smoke especially for men, but for women as well. However, I challenge you to find a notable film where a classic line or scene was preceded with the main character turning away to spit. Today if there is any type of spitting in film it is connected to backwards, uneducated or a mistake(i.e. Titanic).

I have left certain shopping locations based  solely on getting out of my car seeing too much snuff/chewing tobacco on the lot. It is like seeing too much liter on the ground, it connotes(I’ll be kind) unkempt. What if this cross-section of the public were relegated to certain areas? What if they were fined or made to clean up the mess they made not properly disposing of the waste produced in connection with their habit. What do you suppose would happen? What about spitting etiquette. When and where is it proper? The method that should be used and oh yes how to handle dribble.

Anyplace this act takes place is associated with undesirable.  In the animal kingdom the snake is the first to come to mind when one thinks of expectorating. I will run with this creature, for he embodies several negative feelings. He is not necessarily beautiful in the face, he is threatening by myth and action. Most go out of their way to avoid him. In the sports world images of even our most beloved athletes are marred when caught “hocking one up”. UHHHH! Cartoons give spit the speed of lightening and power of a bullet. Remember the faces; cartoons, sports figures, animals, the fellow next to you in traffic, there is no classy way of doing this. With or without a  tobacco product; at best it is made semi-civilized and excusable with an apology.  My analysis and verdict on the subject, “JUST STOP”.


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One thought on “Recreational Spitting

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I will help you say it…please just stop!!!

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