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Cheaper To Keep Her Versus Simpler To Settle

I remember laughing as I listened to the word of the song by Johnny Taylor when I was much younger. Not experienced at all but aware of what was being said in an all-to-obvious way. Life goes on and situations occur, we see unhappy couples, unhappy marriages yet the relationships seem to be frozen in time. Same sullen faces, same arguments, nothing changes but the date. Coming of age in the “because I told you to” era left us with many questions, many questions we dare not ask.

As young adults we began to see clearly what Johnny was talking about. Now as we saw our relatives, friends and sometimes ourselves in the inescapable places. It was so easy to get into these places, but when it got difficult and we wanted to tuck tail and run, when we found an open door we also found that door maybe a trap. The sign read, “ESCAPE! At your own risk” . There was a small screen view/tiny print of “At your own risk”, some of us bothered to read/take note of the not-so-obvious warning, many of us just turned around. A few dared to go through and we watch long drawn out court proceedings, weekend exchanges of children, those same sullen unhappy faces we recalled from our sheltered childhoods. Even if the shrapnel of these decimated relationships did not hit us directly, we did feel the impact of the ricochets.

Now we see the by-product of what we have lived through or seen through-out our lives. The zombies who once were vibrant and challenging, now look exactly like their predecessors, the Cheaper To Keep Her generation. However, we have evolved we feel old father time creeping up behind us. We tell ourselves we have no choice but to comply. As we settle into “Unhappily Ever Afters” does it make it easier for us to digest what we are doing/what we have do/what we have created/what we have become? As we helplessly watch ourselves age, we reach for things out of our scope. We long to return, at least part of us, to our more youthful period. We want to be transported there, but we also want to hang onto the knowledge we have collected. We ARE resisting the inevitable, but fighting it pushing against it is hard. It seems only natural that we would opt for the easy way … Therefore, settling is now a much more viable attractive option. Yet in settling realize you are sacrificing the possibility/ies of happy . I still want to believe happy can once again BE.


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One thought on “Cheaper To Keep Her Versus Simpler To Settle

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    Loved reading this piece….

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