Motivated by a lack of material.

A Temporary Shelter

It was a calm day, taking on typical characteristics of summertime. A warm early morning with a clear sunny sky. Round about 11 it started happening, the temperature began dropping and that clear, sunny sky grew dark rapidly with it’s menacing clouds. Soon the rain began to fall, the wind started whipping and whirling, thunder claps, lightening flashes and we must not forget the hail…

The gazebo had barely been erected, the furniture was in place, final touches were all that remained. This entire space had been planned. The instructions claimed it was an “all weather” structure, it would be tested very soon. It provided a cover. The rain did not fall directly on the furniture, but as it fell more rapidly the water pooled. The weight of the water soon proved to much for the small hollow beams, the structure’s roof collapsed.

Much like the afore mentioned weather condition and gazebo, there was a feeling of security and protection in their friendship. Their time together gave a sense of safety and protection. It was warm and familiar. Then it changed, it evolved, it put a smile on their respective faces for very different reasons. There should not have been any surprise; for their “romp” was much like the weather which was unpredictable, and the gazebo that was dubbed “all-weather” Nothing that could be counted on and everything IS temporary. They provided one another with the required dynamic each of them needed. Shelter.

Then it happened the proof started coming into focus. She always knew it would not work, but now the signs were too enormous to ignore. In an instant, all the good feelings were whisked away. That, in and of itself, was the strongest indicator any hope for more was NOT possible. He had violated her in a way that he could not recover from, she would not ever forget it and she came face to face with those facts. He did not even realize it , because it was NOT meant to be hostile nor was it meant to sting. If it had been his way “they” would slow to a trickle and then disappear unnoticed. He was a conqueror and his friend had crossed the line, with his aid of course, now he simply did what he did. There are no innocents here, each moved forward with eyes wide open. The question now is, can their friendship survive the violation.

The Temporary Shelter is erected and waiting to received them, either one of them or both. It shall stand and provide what each needs, but those needs will only be met for a short time and then they will have to move on.


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One thought on “A Temporary Shelter

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    You said it All….

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