Motivated by a lack of material.

Expiration Date Passed

So you pour that glass of milk without a second thought, the instant it touches the tip of your tongue you know. You search discreetly yet rapidly for someplace to relieve your mouth of this horrible self-inflicted invasion. Once the fluid is eliminated you move on and find something to take that bad taste out of your mouth, but that does NOT mean you will never drink milk again..

In your mind you think, “We” are the perfect match. We like the same movies, we enjoy the same foods, our religious and political beliefs and affiliations are in sync. While it is not always the basis for a relationship, but it is important, the attraction and sexual energy is REAL”. Yet, as you sit across the table from one another it is the unspoken that has served as a “roadblock” for far too many years. Once again it is staring you in the face

Traveling back to the beginning you realize the unspoken was the issue back then too. You think perhaps if this had been addressed, “nipped in the bud” so to speak, we could have moved forward and hopefully in the manner that YOU think you wanted it to. Now you are impatient. You are in a constant state of urgency…why now.. BECAUSE YOU have decided it was time or do you simply grow tired of something you never thought you could bring yourself to admit to. Think of the milk, as you decide the fate of this “friendship/relationship”. You are not good and making decisions when it comes to the two of you, you cannot even decide what to call what you are, or is it you are afraid to face what it truly is. Actions, not simply names, oftentimes define our interpersonal interactions and you KNOW this.

Now the data has been gathered, the timing is right you “dive into the deep end” without hesitation. It IS good because you are no longer seeking answers, but providing information. This is cathartic, soul cleansing and you do not have ANY expectations from this because ultimately you have already accomplished what you set out to do.

What follows is irrelevant. Yet prior to the space you now occupy these same occurrences would have urged you to continue in the fashion and manner the two of you had always conducted yourselves. Don’t be distracted or confused, instead embrace your decision.

For future references and looking forward, you will check that carton to make sure the expiration date has NOT passed before you pour a glass and drink from it.


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One thought on “Expiration Date Passed

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    Indeed I have tasted the milk,I get it.

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