Motivated by a lack of material.

Vintage VeeJay

This piece is rated___, well the subject matter is for the mature, and mature is subjective. Therefore if you are not chronologically or mentally of age, stop reading now, cause you aren’t gonna understand.

Not worn out but experienced. There are things that the years have taught. The numbers are not nearly as important as the variety of characters. She does not “kiss and tell” only the next one that comes along will be privy to the secrets and talents she has acquired.

The “boy” was 55 to her 61, seemingly it was working. Amidst a pandemic they figured out a way to connect. He was a liar and she knew it. She did not care because all she wanted was a simple connection, anything more would have to be determined at a later date.

It is a challenge to be in the world of the singles when your classification contains a word that defines you as senior… when you are a woman the smiles and smirks are everywhere. It was almost comical as the scores of “suitors” proclaimed “age aint nuthin but a number”. However what made these “junior flips” think they could say, do or even be something she had not seen before.

The boy was fun and entertaining at first. As time went on, he seemingly had read a book or two. He even seemed to be on-top-of current events. This was becoming a distinct possibility. Then he began sharing secrets, saying things he did not intend on, he was becoming anxious. Was it the intoxicating effects of alcohol or was it her? Still for the purposes intended, he would do.

Clearly he was out of his league. She was experienced, he thought he liked that. Then the question of how many partners she had came up. This from a man who said/felt society placing unheard of requirements on a woman to be a lady was ridiculous. He was pursuing this relationship, this lady, this sexual encounter full-force. He tried to act like the double digit number did not bother him, but it did. He thought even though he did not say, ” some lady“. However, it did come out of his mouth. He was intimidated. He did not know how to view or accept a seemingly sexually free woman. Yet he longed for this woman who came off as intelligent, informed, and classy. He liked her look.

Truth be known she was really not that sexually liberated. By society’s standard, women are NOT to be free sexually. They must save themselves for marriage, and if not virgins have limited encounters. Double digit lovers, that is unheard of. Even though the barometers say it is NOT unheard of to have 1 lover per year after the initial encounter, until something serious occurs( committed relationship). No different than the woman who gets pregnant the first time she has sex, the result of the act was all that was clear, at least in visual terms. Her past had a variety of relationships, there were serious relationships, there were casual ones, then there was marriage and after the marriage the number stayed the same for decades, “till death did they part”.

After the boy blew it, he still could not stay away. He tried to recover from his ill-fated remarks. He did know the minute the comments left his very lips, it was over. Oh how he wanted to experience her and the vintage veejay that intoxicated his mind, body, and soul. Too bad, it WAS now too late. He would forever be left wondering what experiencing HER might have been like.


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