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Short Time and Small Talk

When you are blessed with a  true friend, you’d better recognize what a treasure you have. Not trying to fill this blog with metaphors, but they are sometimes just appropriate. It had been a bit since we just had a simple conversation; not about the tragedies or disasters going on in each of our lives, no talk of turmoil at work. We have gotten to a point where we expect to leave a message rather than talk to one another and when we do hear a voice that is the first  thing we say,” I didn’t expect you to pick up.” Just another example of how life passes you by so rapidly and you look around and you wonder where time has gone.

It was good talking to my friend, it was good  just hearing her voice. When we hung up it felt a sigh of relief and my mind traveled back to another time, but I was still able to realize where I was/ we were and how very far we have come. I also was able to come to terms with the fact if you don’t make time to visit your happy places, you can easily forget where they are or that they even exist.


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3 thoughts on “Short Time and Small Talk

  1. Love talking to you too.

  2. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    WOW 😲 beautifully said

  3. Jackie Franco on said:

    Hello ,so I had the pleasure of sitting next to you on a flight to ATL and it was so pleasant. You helped put me at ease with alot of what has gone on with my recent loss of my Grandmother and just talking about life . Again Thank you for making what I thought would be a dreadful flight into what seemed like a conversation with a girlfriend.

    Jackie Franco

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