Motivated by a lack of material.

The Dating Game: I Don’t Belong Here

Now that the flaws have been pointed out, we come to the conclusion, This is NOT the place for me. The dishonesty, the scams, the sheer” wastes of time”. What did I think? What did I expect? I have always been a person who would take you at face value, not because I was naive, just because I had no understanding as to why one would lie simply for the sport of it. People on these sights love to LIE.

Some of the liars are creative, they are attempting to sell a product..themselves. Selling themselves in a bigger than life package. Others are opportunist, seeking to collect what they can as rapidly as possible.  Still others are escape artist, hoping to find a way out of their mundane existence.

I asked myself ,” What are you doing; why are YOU here?” Again, taking things at face value; the site leave out so much. Missing from the description was CAUTION: enter at your own risk, and for entertainment purposes only. How could they be that honest though; who would jump feet first into what more often that not would yield disastrous results and failures.

Here wrapped up into one package was “from the ridiculous to the sublime personified. I do NOT try to flatter myself into believing a man in his 30’s is “holla-in” at my 60 year old behind, seeking anything more than a “meal-ticket”. However,when you fill in the answers and you are case specific…I don’t know I expected more. The screening mechanisms ARE FAILING miserably! It has been an interesting venture though. Some of my favorites are as follows…

The guy who wanted my telephone number ever so badly because he was not on the site that often. When I suggested we talk more than 5 minutes and that the site was my preferred method of contact. He was insulted and blocked me immediately.

The guy who happened to be white and wanted to know if i dated outside my race. I told him I really had NOT dated in decades because I was married until I became widowed. I told him I did not have an issue. I asked him had he ever dated a black lady before? He proceeded to ask me if I was” BY-SEXUAL” I did not bother correcting his spelling because he was unable to  differentiate between my asking had HE dated black women and me saying I dated black women even when I told him to go back and re-read. So I simple said “good-bi” to that genius.

I am pretty sure I said I was only interested in communicating  with bi-pedal homo sapiens..Oops I’d better watch out that may mean I am “gay” in on-line dating world. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great concept. I am putting the blame on ME and as the title suggests “I Don’t Belong..”:


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