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What’s A TALL Lady To Do?

Being forced back into the “dating scene” a virtual no-mansland has been enlightening, amusing, and annoying.

In 2020 amidst disease and devastation; human beings- genetically social creatures have been forced inside and separate from that which is our nature. STRIKE ONE

I am 60. Not in bad shape by many standards ( physically, financially,but I am slightly crazy like most of Earth), but 60 just the same. BALL ONE

However, I am 5’10” tall. Pause take that in. It is NOT remarkably unusual. I will not make the Guinness Book Of Records by any means. Yet when I tell  you in most situations I stand heads above most..females and males alike. BALL TWO

I want to date a TALL man (taller than I and I strongly suggested this on my dating profile “looking for a man 6’2” and above). I am picky..how dare I. STRIKE TWO..

Now my calls(ball vs strike) are subjective. I rated them based on my opinion and reaction to what I have experienced or seen. I may already be OUT. I have to look at this in a humorous fashion because it is the place I currently occupy.

Look I did not JUST become 5’10”; All the way back to elementary school, when (in those days) the teacher lined you up in ascending height order, I was either at the back of the line or second to the back of the line. I disliked that..okay I HATED it. As we ventured through childhood and inevitably start becoming interested in the opposite sex, no boys liked me. I used to think it was JUST because I was ugly. However, last night one of the interested parties of one my dating sites, opened my eyes to that which I had never thought of.

Now I have never dated a short man/ man shorter than me, though many have tried and approached years ago as well as  in the present. I was/am always polite. I have been told everything from It really does not matter to Are you serious, that’s a deal breaker for you?  I laughed silently at the irony that most of my dear beautiful female friends, who are ALL shorter than I, managed to date even marry men taller than most men I dated and did eventually marry ( my late husband was 6’1/2″ tall). Imagine a woman of my stature invisible…. However the key to finding a solution is to truly recognize/identify the problem. Though I would NOT intentionally let a man that was vertically challenged know I had an aversion to him, a man I deemed short/small I had that aversion just the same. Now I was given a different take and from a relatively tall man. Although it sounded primitive, it did make a lot of sense. Let’s be real humans are very basic when you get right down to it.  He told me friends that fell into the height range I was interested in  did not like the idea of a woman having hands and feet that were close to the size of their very own hands and feet. He further explained the idea of being handled by one with similar dimensions in an intimate fashion was the major reason .

I laughed, because I knew it was something, I knew I was NOT imagining that tall men were NOT particularly attracted to tall women. I thought of the cliche’ , ” opposites attract” and how often I brushed that logic aside. I WAS going to date that tall man.. My intention is still that, I just now know of an obstacle I was not aware of before. I now know there is a REAL challenge. Possibly something of the same magnitude as my aversion, may be directed at me. I am not even saying my friend is right, he just put something else on my mind. With his information to ponder I did say, “What’s a TALL lady to do?”


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2 thoughts on “What’s A TALL Lady To Do?

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    Keep doing you.Your day is coming beautiful lady.

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