Motivated by a lack of material.

Time Sensitive

I cannot say I pay attention to  all expiration dates. I am selective even arrogant in my thinking when it comes to this. These are very immediate thoughts, because after all I do not have time for… Yet time does not always overcome all obstacles. Our feelings can defy time, emotions don’t always calm down and settle. Now you have to o to a place you thought you would never see again, and you don’t really know how to act because you don’t know how you really feel.

Like a smile that comes via special delivery and it is aimed directly at your heart. It is welcomed and seems as though it was never out of your presence. Then there is the pain of a trampled upon ego, and unfortunately it is just as precise. How are we  able to pick right back up where we left off?

As we move on in our life journey, the side trips can baffle us. Being visited by the stranger or long lost friend known as memory that takes you back to a territory you should be familiar with but you oddly aren’t,  oftentimes jars your very being. It is confusing. While my mind says one thing and my body may slightly agree, who in the world is that individual looking back at me in the mirror.

What do we expect of our life experiences? The time we spend with one another is etched in our psyche. Stored in a recess that seems far away, until there is a tap on your shoulder, a phone call or a chance meeting. Because time has passed does not constitute an expiration of feelings. Remember these things are being stored so there is going to be a level of preservation. We don’t have the ability to select how much will be stored, where  exactly it will be stored, or what will trigger it resurfacing. Don’t be surprised if one day you are propelled unexpectedly into a place you thought you had long since forgotten, it will be your reminder that the particular matter you are encountering is still quite potent.


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