Motivated by a lack of material.

What Greed Ultimately Costs You

There never seemed to be enough. I was an overweight child. I was not born that way, there were no hormone imbalances, I  did have a problem though. In my mind, there was never enough. I could never get enough. My parents never hid things from us, treats were accessible. However, we were all told if  we ate them up in one day that was it until the next grocery shopping day AND our behavior would be a consideration in whether or not we got those same treats again. I didn’t care. I had to have those “Oreos” and since we probably were not going to get any more any time soon, after I did what I planned on doing, I might as well eat the entire package. That sounds obsessive doesn’t it?

Defined as excessive, extreme desire for something and usually more than one’s share; greed has been a costly character flaw in numerous individuals lives. The media makes it seem as if it is okay and encourages us to want and pursue more. Bigger, stronger, faster; did I mention we need this gratification instantaneously. For the believers, isn’t it funny how the world generally is in direct conflict with God?

Let’s run with this for a moment. We are disapproving of the inner-city-entrepreneur. His education process and indoctrination from the streets. He sees, he wants, he goes after with whatever he has available to him. In”our world” that is initiative and drive. However, in both instances the same result is desired, THE REWARD. There it is what we all want but no one wants to work for it, no one wants to sacrifice for it, and no one certainly wants to wait for it. Oh but it looks/feels so good doesn’t it. Why can’t we have it easily? Why can’t we have it quickly? Why can’t we have it all?

My personal greed still costs me, because I still fight a loosing battle with these excessive, extreme desires. It is ugly and I hate to admit it, but I am human.  I really want to do better. Yet sin is sin; if you lie you will cheat and so on, simply because you are able to tell yourself well this is not as bad as that. Perhaps by acknowledging the existence of our flaws we are better equipped to recognize, face,  and maybe one day defeat them. I hope and pray that I am right about this.

Sacrifice, patience, and the ultimate reward. That is a recipe for something truly worth having. God has made it possible for us to claim the ultimate reward, because Jesus our savior made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. He paid the ultimate price for us, don’t let greed cost you the ultimate gift.


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