Motivated by a lack of material.


I haven’t written in years. My sons encouraged me to resume, but I resisted. However, once my younger son became involved in the world of writing and journalism, he became relentless and I caved. Perhaps it is as simple as the desire was always there and I was in denial.

This is my introduction and test. Me; I am in my 50’s and I am truly enjoying this part of life. Thus, the blog name hafacenturyncounting- translation half a century and counting. I will, at the very least, employ this “wordplay” in my titles periodically.

Where are we? I am not speaking of local here. I was astounded to find out even before I read a single statistic about “baby boomers” I fit the profile. Beyond the obvious of falling into the charted birth years, someone had invaded my mindset. I look, dress, live the part. I could pick “me” out of a crowd, and I don’t know if I like that. Okay I color my hair, I watch a reality show or two, I still wear shorts and quietly criticize others who I deem are not in shape to do so but don’t realize it, I have returned to Church after a religious hiatus, and I am let’s just say disappointed with politics.

I woke up on my 50th birthday and I said,” Ima do me”.  During my time in my 50’s I have stopped coloring my hair, I changed careers (although a year prior to 50) and decided I had no regrets, I cannot tell you the last time “fast food” was an important part of my life and I met one of the most fantastic little persons ever, my 1st(and hopefully more to follow since I have two sons) grandchild. I am not looking at this time in my life as a slow down period, but more of an era of absorbing and that in itself requires a bit of extra time and effort.

So stop driving around the parking lot for twenty minutes in search of the closest spot to the door, just park and walk. Watch that television program, but realize just because it is labeled reality doesn’t mean it is real, and accept the fact that YOUR 15 minutes of fame may be illuminated in light of the eyes of some special person you actually know.


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