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Contentment In The Land Of “Frogz”

It had rained all night and rather hard at times too. However, in the morning as the dark blue sky gave way to light blue and orange, there was the sound of nature all around. She walked onto the “rocking chair” front porch where she was overtaken by the typical. Not since childhood had she seen, heard, or felt what she was presently experiencing. Then she realized there was a chorus going on; it could NOT be mistaken for subtle for it was all around. All of her adult life she had avoided frogz, they were her metaphor for men, borrowed from a survivor of a type of slavery. Yet now all around her the unseen frogs made their presence clear. The odd thing was they gave her a sense of comfort. She laughingly spoke, “waking up with frogz, maybe there is something to this..” Was this unexpected, beautiful awareness delivering another message?

The beauty of nature will give you a sense of calm, if you let it. As we continue our journey here on this planet, the things we held in high esteem, the things we thought important before now have to lend way to the freshness of our new existence. We hold on tight to that which we know that which is familiar. Yet with each passing day those same things are slipping away from us. They are getting outside our reach; they are impossible to keep up with but all along there is our reality which IS just inches away.

Stop playing catch up/ keep up, be on time and within your range. I am NOT saying slow down, merely stay inside the safety zone/YOUR safety zone. We have to become more aware of our limitations but not be afraid to explore the possibilities. Therefore, when things seem just overwhelming take a look around you may find that the problem is you have been overlooking your contentment because you were avoiding YOUR frogz, instead stop and listen to their soothing chorus. You may be stifling yourself because you think there are too many and you will be overtaken; there is plenty of room and you may not ever see what you fear. Finally, you be may surprised and find them NOT be nearly as bad as you thought.


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One thought on “Contentment In The Land Of “Frogz”

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I understand this totally.

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