Motivated by a lack of material.

No Human’s Land

Not a lot to do these days. I search for a safe place to gather my thoughts and try to put them out. I decided to mask up and go to a local mall, because friends and associates had reported the malls were virtually vacant. I am not a daredevil therefore felt relatively safe especially with not many others around.

Armed with my mask, travel sized Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer spritz and gel, I ventured out. The parking structure was pretty barren, but there were signs of life. It was 1 p.m on a Friday, yet it looked like a Sunday morning before the theaters had opened.

I started walking, the first thing I noticed were the arrows on the floor showing folks what directions to walk in. Many were disregarding them. I did not and when people going the wrong way approached or got near me I went out of my way to avoid them. I tried to be subtly obvious with my actions too. As I am an older lady, I try NOT to be confrontational, but I still possess the ability to be a bit of a “Missouri Mule”. I cannot help that, I was born there.

Every store had signs displaying the use of masks was required, in spite of the fact the Governor of this state has NOT mandated masks be used but requested the cooperation of the residents. IDIOT; sometimes you have to exert yourself and show you are in charge. ASKING people to do the right thing when they are “hell-bent” on doing what they want is NOT a good gameplan. However, looking at this guy’s career and election tells a story of his character. Back to the mall..I made my way to the food court; there were loads of vacant tables, I settled one row in and about three tables away from anyone. I  wiped everything down and sat. I took out my journal and a began writing, and noting what I was observing. A small group of KARENS sat at the table right next to me, I turned my back to them and sprayed my anti-bacterial spray about like  it was an air freshener. Plenty of tables, but they decided to stop at the one closest to me. I know I am being mean, for if they were true KARENS they would have called the police and claimed I assaulted them with my spritz.

The overall atmosphere was annoying to me. People are NOT nice to one another, they aren’t even trying. At best we are indifferent to one another. Looking suspiciously like we are saying”Do you have IT, why aren’t YOU wearing a mask?” We now can have these contemptible feeling and looks upon our faces and no one know, yet it shows in our behavior. We rapidly move to the place where indifference is KING. We were not connecting before COVID19; texts instead of calls,video calls instead of live in-person meetings…

After a little over an hour I left, my focus was not on anything positive or productive. Going home I could at least control my environment and NOT have people in my space disrespecting the rules and protocol for these times.

As a girl and in my youth, I remember people changing, becoming kinder around Christmas. Smiling at one another, greeting strangers, giving way to some random individual for no apparent reason. We were just nice just to be NICE! Always a welcomed change. However, in recent years this feeling and change became less and less obvious. I fear that the nasty suspicious attitudes will now become our constant, the new-normal. A very sad narrative for a race of people, the human race, to have to contend with.


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One thought on “No Human’s Land

  1. Mary Crawford on said:

    I can and do relate.

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