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When The Toilet Paper Returns To The Store Shelves


The song, When The Swallow Come Back To Capistrano came to mind in the most ironic way.

There I was masked and armed with my “hanitizer” as it has been dubbed by many little ones, I observed the phenomenon. Following the one way arrows I caught a glimpse of what is seemingly unheard of…The paper aisle stocked with toilet paper and paper towels. What was even more astounding is this occurred in the late afternoon AND there were not people fighting their way over to this said aisle to “stock-up”. I walked around the store for a bit, I did not see every cart with one paper product or another inside of them. I casually went down the aisle; looking, lingering, expecting any-moment-now the other shoppers in the store would rush the aisle and I would have a somewhat advantage because I was already there. Still nothing.

Could I fool myself into believing an end is in sight? Did I dare think, “Alas, we have come through the storm and prevailed..” No, don’t be naive. In that same store many people walked around without masks, walked down aisles clearly directing them to go the other way. Seemingly existing as if Covid19 had never happened as the put themselves as well as others in danger because they do not want to follow the rules and guideline, because they don’t think this threat is real, because it is uncomfortable or troublesome. They ignore the fact the number of cases is on the rise in many places. Too bad the folks that play Russian Roulette with this situation aren’t the ones who would SOLELY be affected. When you bother to follow the rules as I do, bother to protect myself as well as others from a health risk, I feel it is reasonable to feel the way I just expressed.

Listen, no one wants this to end any faster than I. However, I would rather error on the side of caution, than to be a daredevil and buck-up against rules, regulations and NATURE. For now if you need a slice of normal,  go visit your local store and be in awe of the return of that which was taken for granted, not-so-long-ago. Toilet paper back on the shelves and people seemingly unmoved by that fact.


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One thought on “When The Toilet Paper Returns To The Store Shelves

  1. Mary Crawford on said:

    Amen!!!!!you said it perfectly.

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