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Why Having A Smart Individual At The Helm Counts

Crowd Mentality… It is random and many times irrational.Therefore it can easily get out of control. Then there is violence, then there is destruction, then there is chaos. However, before it gets to that point, leaders are able to prime the groups to a mindset that will at the very least resist the discord. That is if the leader is rational and smart.

Civil unrest why does it happen. Well oftentimes it is the result of something devastating, unfair, or unjust, and a response to disregard or lack of understanding and sensitivity. Sound familiar?

I have been doing this for a decade and I can go back and revisit these same circumstances. History DOES repeat itself. It is incumbent upon those of us that witness the history, to keep the memories alive and make people aware of how easy it is to do something bad again and again.

Are people who perceive themselves as victims JUST “bellyaching”? How can that be when we reference how short humans memories can be and how there is this capacity to overlook and move on. I think we have to make sure we are listened to and not simply heard. How do we accomplish that. I have seen how jaded vantage points are. Things do not resonate with people in may cases if IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. Therefore here is the place where leaders could shine AND we should expect our leaders to do just that. SHINE.

Understand and KNOW the difference in someone being honest with you versus trying to pander to you for votes. The person on top does NOT have all the power, but they have such influence in areas that we are not always looking at, that it does seem that way. Believe the power does still rest with the people. The people now simply must become that which separates us from the animal kingdom.  Things that are fundamentally wrong for you ARE fundamentally wrong for other races and genders. Stop judging and try to understand. With understanding a forum opens to discover REAL solutions.

We should DEMAND the ones we look to for leadership provide us with that, not just say what they think we like. Have you EVER done something badly..made a rotten meal, written a bad paper, put together an awful outfit, did a home improvement project that after you finished looked like it needed to be repaired or discarded? What would your reaction be if people who cared around you allowed you to believe this thing you did was okay or for that matter good. They would have instrumentally left you out in the cold; and put you in a spot where someone who had no vested interest, someone indifferent, someone who did not care about you in a position where they would/could tell the viscous truth..it really was NOT good. Who would you be more upset with?

None of us know everything, including our so-called leaders, but we ALL do have the responsibility to expect folk we put in charge or who are in charge to be more cautious, more civil, more compassionate, more in control, more humble. BETTER. We do  NOT have that. So the violence in the streets, social collapses, the injustice that falls upon our country and individuals of color rests with the guy at the helm. He chooses to be angry, child-like, indifferent and a “race-baiter”. Furthermore just because he looks a lot like you does NOT mean he cares about you. He cares for only one..that is self. Does that represent who or what we want guiding us?

In spite of all that I say negative, in this big fantastic, amazing world things could change in a heartbeat. I have seen it happen. I am at BEST skeptical I also am at BEST hoping for a miracle.


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One thought on “Why Having A Smart Individual At The Helm Counts

  1. Mary Crawford on said:

    I agree with you.

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