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Taking The High Road

WARNING CURVES AHEAD. Seemingly it is safe. This translated into human form is the person who is reliable and predictable, you push “the envelope” and nothing happened. You are both confident and relieved by this thought. This pattern goes on and seemingly on unnoticed.

As time goes on things will change. The individual you counted on countless times experiences life and generally these strong individuals have no one to hold them up, because they have this internal mechanism that keeps them pushing forward and baring insurmountable weight.

Take note; even though you may NOT be able to hold them up you are NOT excused for letting them go or bringing them down, because you thoughtlessly put yourself ahead of them and their circumstances..AGAIN. For these people it is often only a listening attentive ear, or a solemn quite time just in their presence.

What it seems like to you, is the bottom has fallen out. What it really is, the final straw has been taken. YOU did NOT pay attention to the signs and now you ARE flabbergasted. You pushed the envelope just a little too far, now you are left with what shall be.

Realize that what YOU feel is the byproduct of your insensitivity and selfishness. Now you will live with those two attitudes, without one who had been there for you. Those who travel the high road often travel alone or at the very least are at the front of the line. As all things in this life have expiration dates so do they, these High Road Travelers. When it happens, the outburst, the disconnect, the abandonment; it will seem so very shocking and perhaps even extreme, take time to reflect and you will see it is simply relative to what has been going on all along.



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One thought on “Taking The High Road

  1. Mary Crawford on said:

    Very well said.

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