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The Dating Game

Come on now, you my contemporaries have to remember that show. As a little girl growing up in Kansas City, Kansas after the cartoons were over it was time for the game shows. In my innocent mind all I was watch was people matching answers, the questions and answers seemed rather stupid to a worldly 6 year old but I watched just the same.

Today dating is quite different. I watched my sons take different approaches to the process, I saw my single friends explore what was available. Now I ( by no choice of my own) have been thrust into the” oncoming traffic”. It is INSANE out here! One could do this thing called dating in a traditional fashion, one could float along aimlessly waiting on a miracle, or one could fall into the line of the real..ON LINE DATING SITES!

I who love roller coasters find this process “quite the ride”. As a person who enjoyed taking test, the preliminary screening process was fascinating and funny. As I answered the questions it was a bit of a self-discovery/rediscovery journey. I could not see the questions as invasive for if I want to be somewhat successful in this quest I have to be HONEST…screech! Come to a dead halt. How could I be so naive?? Okay first things first, truth is optional. That should NOT surprise you in  today’s society. With 45 and his ever ever growing wooden nose at the helm our country, our society has settled into lying as a way of life.

Next whatever you put down will likely be ignored, i.e., if you are looking to date “blonds under 5’5” do not be surprised when a self -described “leggy red-head” is sent to you as a 90% match. Yes of course I am condensing and over-simplifying the process so what I decided to do was make it a” part-series”. I have NOT decided how many parts yet, as this journey is just beginning for me. So stay tuned, follow along, and be entertained.


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2 thoughts on “The Dating Game

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I am ready for the next chapter!!!!! 😊

  2. Good luck. It’s a crazy ride. One that sure to have u asking questions like why?

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