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Alexandria Mac… Do You Know Who Your Children Really Are

I’m gonna call her Ally even though I do not have her permission. We don’t know one another, we have not been formerly introduced. From her photo she is a pretty little blonde, no stranger to make-up, sports a tiny stud highlighting a piercing, and she looks a little wild. My sister told me about Ally so I visited her page on Facebook. She did not seem to be that interesting at first; I noted right away she wasn’t much of a speller and clearly grammar was of little or no importance, yet she speaks seven(7) languages.  Her employment and educational background don’t demonstrate much talent, but she is clearly an artist. She comes from a large family; two dads, a mom, seven siblings including a sister who shares her exact name. Finally she had about 50 friends( I wonder how many of them are prevaricators as well)  a number of them adult male and that concerns me, although you cannot tell how old she is from the pictures.

Now lets talk about my niece Bree; she is my little sisters only child, she is a “tweenager”, and she suffers from sickle cell disease. I have written a couple of things about her, and the struggle that is a fact of life for individuals afflicted with this disease. The frequent visits to doctors and hospitals made my sister decide to be a stay-at-home mom, in order for my niece to have the extra attention she oftentimes requires. I have talked about how hard it is for a mother to watch her child helplessly go through these crisis’, the strength they all must have, and the challenges of their future. Happily I can report the sickle cell has not affected her creativity and her transition into her actual teens is going to be as “fun filled” for her parents as that transition has been or will be for each and every one of us who has raised/is raising a child.

By the way my niece knows Ally and I have to say she knows her quite well. The reason she knows Ally so well is, because they are one in the same person! Bree was in the hospital a month or so ago when her mom discovered Ally. We ask what was she thinking about, why did she do this thing? Yet, in being fair, is there really any answer that a parent would find acceptable, aside from  school writing assignment about journeying into fiction writing. Do we have a Jr. Catfish” on our hands or is she merely “catfish food? I say this laughingly and jokingly, but I caution you against this. I think we are all aware of the predators lurking about.

Maybe Bree is yet another writer in this family that possesses a wonderful imagination and loves the written word.That of course would ultimately be my hope. Honestly I think she was just being a “tween”, demonstrating resourcefulness(TRANSLATION: tryin to be slick). However in this day, age, society nothing can be overlooked and being aware helps corral behavior. Please bother to monitor your kids and their activity online. I know this can be difficult, because oftentimes they know far more than we do when it comes to technology. However, if you ignore and pretend this cannot happen in your household, you may be in for a rude awakening. Alexandria may have a cousin or two in cyberspace who resides under your roof.


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One thought on “Alexandria Mac… Do You Know Who Your Children Really Are

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    You said it loud and clear!!!!!

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