Motivated by a lack of material.


As I look over and reread the things I have written, I know there are times that I believe I got “long-winded”. Overall I have felt my work has been sufficient to get my point across. Knowing this is merely a blog I want to capture the reader’s attention and hold it long enough for them to finish the piece and interest them enough to make them want to read more.

In a conversation the other day, one of my motivators and inspirations suggested the concept behind the title. I considered it. I said, ” this is possible”. Ultimately, my goal is to do something that is worthy of my expectation. I write from an emotional place, therefore surrounding factors make a impact on my subject matter as well as the content.

A passing thought requires a great deal of explaining with me, thus what I write is what I feel and that is never really simple or short. I want the reader to feel what I am saying, and that takes a little time. If you visit my blog and TLDR comes to mind, this is really not the place for you. You, the one who says TLDR, should have kept going for if you kept reading you would have been pleasantly surprised.


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