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Proceed With Caution

Have you ever seen that sign while driving or even walking. What do you do? Generally, I look around  survey the area to catch a glimpse of whatever it is that I need to either know about or completely avoid. However, sometimes the adventurous daredevil in me just tosses the caution to the wind. Funny how that decision is split second, hardly worth a notice, but it can have devastating results.

On one hand you hear “caution” saying, “you can never be too careful”. Running the risk of walking into known or likely unsavory situation makes one question ones sanity. The other voice “chance” says, ” go on give it a whirl”. I like to think of “caution” as the person who obeys MOST of the rules; she follows instructions and expects the results to demonstrate her actions. Her alter ego “chance” is ever ready; new and dangerous things means anticipation and excitement.

So you dive in so to speak after a period of pros and cons have been run through in your head. If you are lucky you will find it was not nearly as bad as you thought. As a matter of fact it is good, and you question the fear and apprehension. Flames reignited, close relations restored, lest we forget there was a separation and ties were severed.

How and why do you do this? What did you learn? As a starting point you realize there is something valuable at stake that is worth the extra or renewed effort and the lesson of “taking things for granted” is an invaluable one. The fear and apprehension, which were cloaked behind your personal guilt and sorrow, disappear like pixie dust magically. Now how about that for a happy ending and we can never have too many of those.


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2 thoughts on “Proceed With Caution

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    So do I…….in the wind…lol

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