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Color Correct

We  may think of this”color correct” when referring to hair color. I even thought back to school, when we got test papers or essays back and the errors were highlighted with red marks. However, every time something major occurs it is highlighted that we, in America, see things so clearly along the boundaries of color lines. Conscious or unconscious, with intent or without intent this is very real for us all, and most of the time we are not even aware. It is virtually autonomic .

On paper it all looks the same and means the same, but what happened when that color pertains to people. How is it that human beings eyes take in things in such a different manner. Physiologically there really is no reason for this. Yet, it happens and it happens more often than not.

Think of the most recent headlines. As reporter after reporter interviews passersby the right and wrong are unanimously clear, but the determination of where exactly those lines are drawn are separated by a simple distinction.

Personally, I took a call from a telemarketer. I was not interested in what he had to say, I only wanted him off of my phone. I could tell  by his accent that his background was not mine, I  had little patience when the conversation began, now I had less. For the final time I told the gentleman I was not interested and abruptly hung up. I immediately thought to myself after the final action, ” overbearing _____ idiot”. A bit later this piece occurred to me and I said,” Why did he have to be an overbearing _____ idiot? Why wasn’t he just an overbearing idiot?” I found myself guilty of the same thing this piece is briefly examining, but with the added benefit(or handicap) of not even being able to see my person.

From my perspective our vantage points become very skewed when we are wrong, guilty, defensive, or even just tired. We are in a weakened state, we lash out and what better way to lash out than to strike first. Our quick minds and wit often fall victims to what is obvious, thus the personal attack is where we  most often/immediately go to. Then we have the ability to make blanket statements, no matter how idiotic, about someone without knowing them, and/or without knowing the facts. Plus, we have the added feature of being able to simultaneously convince ourselves we feel good about our assessment.

Once again in our rushing, never-enough-hours-in-the-day society we have produced and raised yet another “quick fix”. This one is to aid us in assigning blame. This is not an new practice it is just more pronounced and obvious now, just the way we like it.  I offer my “two-cents” with the addendum of “practice what you preach” to myself FIRST and FOREMOST; before you render opinions/ideas/statements bother to take the time to give a bit more though than what is there for all eyes to see. It will make talks a bit more civil, a bit more sensitive, and perhaps a bit less exciting and volatile. However, not to worry for we as human beings will ALWAYS find something else to argue and be angry about.


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