Motivated by a lack of material.

Why Is This News….

Jesse James is planning his wedding to his tatoo artist Kat Von D? When this was plastered across my laptop screen and I thought,” Who gives a (we’ll just say) hoot?”What was Richard Willams showing his daughter Serena? Are Wills and Kate taking the USA by storm. What is Bristol Palin’s opinion about pre-marital sex?

My question is what has happened to the news? Now we could go back and forth about the line between news and gossip. Newspapers and reporters used to take pride in what they did and the service they provided. Now all they care about is getting information out there, even if it is bad information. They all know that in our rushed society all that we care about is speed and simplicity. Therefore it is easy to let things go, no one has time to truly investigate. If one bothers to take time to verify information they may miss the chance to “break the story”, so it is left to chance that the information is correct on some level or the other. What is important is you heard it first and where you heard it from.

I am amazed at how the media is so willing to take chances with misinformation now. They will write-it, publish it, say it and hide behind the so-called right to keep the source private. When in actuality on a number of occasions these are just out and out LIES!
Our newspapers and magazines are gossip columns and the gossip columns credible newspapers and magazines. The  parts/roles have become interchangeable and we let it happen.

There was a time when the news took up a particular part of the day. Honestly, a couple of hours of everyone else’s reality was more than enough for me. Now our news agencies are battling for ratings along with our entertainment. Perhaps, that is how and why we have gotten where we are. Someones pain and misery, someone’s dysfunctional family gives us reason to tune in. Yet, we act surprised when  the airways and newspapers are filled with questionable data.

We demand and require little therefore the result is exactly what we should expect, given the requirements. Personally I do not want valuable information mixed in, mixed up with my mindless indulgences. Yes I am as guilty as the next of watching/reading things that are clearly of no value other than shock or disgust. We have to realize at some point though, if there is no market for this material it will soon wither and die. We have to make a choice and perhaps a sacrifice or two, but in the long run we will benefit from a decision to demand more from the agencies that represent themselves as News Services.


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