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Love It Or Leave It

Let me go on record here, “I HATE POLITICS!” Perhaps it is because I do not understand them,the process has evolved so during my lifetime that I am basically playing “pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey” when it comes time to vote. I know who I like or who seems to be a decent enough individual, I know who appears to be intelligent, but I have no way of determining how much of a change will take place with these individuals once they get into office. Politics reminds me of the horror movies I enjoyed in my youth, there was invariably some ugly surprise and it would keep you on the edge of your seat until the movie ended.

I do love America. She is the only homeland I know. I have no real desire to venture outside her boarders. When one looks at things that go on around the world, I say “I’m good”. We have every desired climate, scenery, and terrain one could want. While other countries and continents have history and landmarks of the ancients, I am happy with video images of them. They are after all of those other places and I feel no connection, beyond this is interesting or that is beautiful. NEXT.  Additionally,  that does not say this is enough for everyone, but then you have the ability to go if you want. I am simply happy here in my small, little space.

However, because I am basically happy I do not want you to interrupt, interfere, invade my small space or way of life.   I feel that way about outsiders and insiders( i.e.politicians). I am not against government for, they like policing agencies, are necessary. My faith makes me want to hope for good individuals who will do the right thing, it also makes me aware that MAN is flawed and needs guidance. Therefore,  the checks and balances systems must be put into place and remain there.

Naturally, there is an expectation that everyone in our country has the basic best interest of the nation at heart. The more visible individuals the President, the Congress, the House of Representatives have a particular spotlight shone on them. They are the embodiment of the general population, US. I cannot remember the last time I really trusted those people though. I clearly remember my feeling of hope when this President was elected. I knew it would not be an easy road for him, this was no “turkey shoot”. Overall I believe he is a good decent man, unfortunately there is virtually no place in the political arena for that type of being. The more I am exposed and involved with politics the less I want to be. It has the feel of a dirty family secret.

If lawyers have a bad name, then politicians should face the guiotine upon the completion of their terms of service.  For the only service they appear to be providing these days is to SELF. They ALL need to understand and be held accountable for not doing what we put them in place to do and that is to serve THE PEOPLE of the United States.

Our country is a good country. It has ideals that are truly admirable. Although, now we now face a  system that is aging and that appears to be the only real change taking place. We have classically been trendsetters, rapid movers, a country that is truly ahead of it’s time. To be so young and successful, now we are dealing with our growing pains . What are we going to do? The critics of our government say it is too big, well going about the task of shrinking it with the “folks” who are calling for a smaller one may result in us getting just that. It may come on the form of a dictator.

Personally, I will take America as she is right now.  There of course are problems; we have to work through our problems, and that is simply what we need to do. We must be able to count on the officials we put into power to exercise and execute it in accordance with what we the PEOPLE elected them to do. To all the unhappy individuals(Tea Partiers here’s your personal invite) ” take off on the next thing smokin”.  Me, I am here to stay.


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2 thoughts on “Love It Or Leave It

  1. Mary on said:

    You hit the nail right on the head!!!!

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