Motivated by a lack of material.

Who’s in Charge?

In a totally rhetorical sense, the question is asked. People among us who consider themselves Christians, know the answer. Whether or not they believe or behave as such, remains to be seen at times. We take names at face value, but when it is time to deliver something or someone very different can appear.

I have to give you a couple of feel good thoughts to ponder. I watched a program on the National Geographic Channel, called “Unlikely Animal Friends”, and if ever there was a case for the title of this piece that program is it. Close to a time of night when no urge is stronger than sleep for a very weary body, I watched with an uncontrollable smile stories of cats befriending birds, lionesses nurturing baby wildebeests, tigers and bears living together as companions. The sarcastic part of my mind saying this is like you and a lobster(which by-the-way I no longer consume) going for a long swim. Not gonna happen for the most simplistic and basic reasons, I  cannot swim and if I were a swimmer I would much rather swim with someone that I feel is more compatible with me.

Given choices we more often than not select what we think is going to work best for us based on look, familiarity, and understanding. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a very limiting thing. We have the availability of the universe, but we select the small room. That doesn’t make sense does it? It does if you want to be in charge, and let’s face it we all want to be in charge.

Do you think you know your limitations? Are you afraid and the small space you occupy makes you feel strong and safe? Don’t be mistaken, you are not familiar with your limitations, you are making yourself limited.

I am not advocating that one should go out and do dare-devilish things, without care or concern for health and well being. I am advocating go out and try something new and different. Let go of that fear, because you realize who is actually in charge. If you have the right answer, you will be okay. This knowledge will give you freedom, freedom to take chances, freedom to depart from what you know. Freedom to let go without fear; like Ace Bourke and John Rendall did with the lion called ironically and fittingly, Christian.


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