Motivated by a lack of material.

Let’s Fix This

This sounds like it is a simple enough task. First we have to assess the damage though, we cannot simply jump in there and start working without knowing what we are up against. We may leave out or completely miss a very necessary step. Wait a minute, I think this will be an ideal spot for some blame.

It would be nice if someone would step up and say, “I assume all responsibility here and if you give me an opportunity I will rectify the situation”, but that would take a lot more character than we sometimes have available to us. Honestly, didn’t you see this coming? Why do we make the determination that if we act as though nothing is wrong, no one else will be able to see that there is.

Doing things the right way, doing the right thing is not as easy as it sounds. It should be though. There is the element of lazy, there is the need to outsmart and then when you get caught there is the denial and search for a scapegoat.

My offered solution is that take up a task, you do what you are doing with your first thought of God. If you work like you are doing that individual job for the Lord, I am sure it will take on an entirely new meaning for you. In the times where I have lost sight of that, I have invariably lost out. Here I am, AGAIN, having to pick up after what I should have taken care of properly in the first place. Remorseful and embarrassed, I hope NOT to be in this place again. However, my track record for being human stands intact and unblemished. Therefore, I am off to do some damage control and accept whatever the outcome may be.


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