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Ignoring History

It is said that, “Fools who do not know history are destined to repeat it”. I want this to reach people who are oblivious to this, as well as ones who are aware. Sometimes things stare at you in the face and you still walk right into them.

Of mistakes, all parents want to spare their offspring the pains and discomforts of life. We would like their paths to be filled with success and bounty. If they must experience difficulty let it be minor, and let them be prepared to escape the bad as rapidly as possible and recover from it even faster.

In a hopeful state I believe I will get this out and rescue the inhabitants of a “sinking ship”. As I watch the animosity from its conception, I see it growing with intolerance. Although, one cannot truly direct the paths of adults one can try. Fearfully, I address an ill feeling that I am somehow responsible. I am helpless and incompetent. The only thing I have to offer is what I have lived through and am currently living with. Not wanting  this to happen to you, but still unwilling to offer the olive leaf. Have I condemned you with my stubbornness? It may be as simple as a self examination; what do you need to do to rectify your situation and are you willing to try?

We work very hard to try to make our children better than us, but they are us. They see us in our weakest hours at our most vulnerable states, and no matter how we try to hide these things from them, they see anyway. Let see if we can fix these things that seem to be on the road to irreparable damage. Sure they can be fixed, they require a bit of work. You need to discover the truth; your truth, their truth, and the real truth. Take the blame away and be willing to say, “I am sorry” and mean it.  Saying I am sorry doesn’t always require you know why you are sorry, just that you are willing to express it with sincerity.

This is just a start, but doesn’t each journey require a first step?


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One thought on “Ignoring History

  1. Mary on said:

    Very well said…….

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