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I’m Always Grumpy In The Morning

Do you know people like this. They growl, snort, or give off a silent air of contempt until they have had a morning cup of java or a specific amount of time has passed since they were plucked from the arms of their slumber. No matter how understandable this is, it does not make it right and it certainly does not make it any less annoying.

Some of this comes from wanting a later start, I am sure there are a number of folks that would prefer morning started at noon. Early has always been a part of my life, if I sleep until nine it feels like I have lost  a great deal of the productive day.

What do you do if your day does start off bad? Do you carry it around and share it with others, or do you try to get beyond it. I promise you no one wants a share of “your bad”, they probably have some of their own. Yet, if you make an effort to get beyond this stuff and give out some positive energy, you may  in deed get a good deal of positive back. All I am saying is you really have nothing to loose.

It is amazing what  your mind can do. Work on a way to get that morning started better right in bed. If it is saying a prayer aloud or silently, if it means laying there a second or two telling yourself” It is going to be a good morning”,  if you have time and energy for an indulgence of the youthful, go for it!

Waking up gives us all another opportunity to make the changes in our lives that will take us closer to our destiny. Yet this wonderful gift is often time taken for granted and treated as though it is a crime that it arrived. Morning generally associated with beginnings, it sets the tone for the day. Do you really want your next 24 hours to be a reflection of a bad start? Therefore, I will bring this to an end with a bit of nostalgia from the 1970’s. Have a nice day.


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One thought on “I’m Always Grumpy In The Morning

  1. Mary on said:

    I am a morning person so I really can relate with this …..

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