Motivated by a lack of material.

Find Fine Art

I think of Tchaikofsky’s ” The Nutcracker Suite” or Swan Lake” I envision Monet, Renior, and Dali…. but no one hold me in a trance like William “Smokey” Robinson. His contributions from “My Girl” to “Oooh Baby Baby”, some 605 songs, speak of love in a way only a poet could describe and only a romantic could understand. Whatever draws your attention make sure you hold it dear; for life without Art is a life without beauty, life without meaning.

I think of how the children suffer in an era where fine arts programs are considered an option.  Art is as necessary and important as the giant three of old; reading, writing, and mathematics. We look for ways to trim the fat off a budget, but do we really take into account of what we are loosing when it is all said and done.

Taking fine arts as an expendable item will result in virtual disaster. At best we can have a society of efficient, dull,  mundane, mechanical  beings ( the conformists) The worse will breed individuals(the rule-breakers) who have too much time to figure out  things that will excite them and that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be good things. We all know the story of “Idle hands”.

Some thirty seven years ago there was a radio station in Los Angeles called  KJOI ; now no self respecting pre-teen of that era would openly admit to listening to such a station, for it was exactly what you might imagine Easy Listening. When we had soul music stations KGFJ and KDAY what was I thinking about? Well maybe the more mature ear can appreciate one of my favorites, Percy Faith’s Instrumental Version of “Midnite At The Oasis”. During a tumultuous time in my life that soft song brought me a calming much needed slumber.  I was well into adulthood before I knew the name of that song or that it even had words. The name Maria Muldar was as foreign to me as the language of the then Soviet Union. I began to equate it with something good was on the horizon.

However, the way I see it pertaining to us is like this; amiss our routine and responsible duties there has to be a place of expression and individuality, where beautiful and unique connect. It is important for the young impressionable minds of school aged children, and it is needed by the seasoned adult who may find themselves too busy to appreciate how it can alter our days.


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2 thoughts on “Find Fine Art

  1. I found this piece to be on point……keep it coming….

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