Motivated by a lack of material.

Fairy Tales with Phosphorus

“And they lived happily ever after”….  You guessed it this is about relationships or at least ideas about relationships. My parents were married until the day my father passed away. I NEVER witnessed an argument or even  a cross word between them. It is no surprise, at least to me, that I married my “dream” the love of my life. I had a picture of what an ideal relationship would be and I got just what I asked for.  My siblings have had mixed results. My closest friend were products of , if I can steal a boxing term, “split decisions”. Now I could try to sell you on how exposure to certain relationships make you predestined to that type of relationship and that would be based solely on my experience.  Then I would have to explain the sibs, thus poking a hole in the theory.

I once heard “you have the exact love life you want”. That sounds reasonable, if you are happy. What if you aren’t? Why on Earth would someone want a relationship that isn’t perfect? Did you ever ask for something you thought you wanted, and then once you got it changed your mind. Now could you  have seen yourself with an obsessive, jealous individual. Of course not, but what about someone who is zealously attentive or someone who cannot get you out of their mind. Chew on that for a bit.

We grew up in the midst of a divorce rate that reached the 50% mark, but in the back of our minds we could clearly recall folks whispering about a marriage breaking up. The “D” word became as common as bacon and eggs yet as taboo as devil worshiping, and we were stuck in the middle wondering how we would cope. Remember now, we have the exact love life we want.  I submit this to you; we are always running, running away from or running toward something. Maybe we need to slow down and walk, or if necessary just simply stop.

Let’s return to the personal place this writer’s history; parents married till death parted them, their children all married.The end result so far 1 divorced, 3 still married, 1 admittedly with the exact love life they wanted. To be continued….

Here’s a test to see if you are paying attention; can you tell if this writer is happy, is this piece a promotion, bashing, or warning for marriage. You have to read me closely.

Finally, my “happily ever after” couple tribute. They have been a couple since high school; they are parents and grandparents, apparently he is still her football star and she is still his beauty queen. The thought of them makes me smile. I am thrilled to say I know them now, and I knew them when.


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