Motivated by a lack of material.


Things seemed to be going along rather well, so it seemed. They were dating regularly. He was calling to check on her. Most importantly the compatibility factor had advanced to the point of them being intimate. Finally, a happy place.

However, in the weeks to follow she found little indicators around his place. They were NOT in plain sight but they were NOT buried either. Feeling a bit hurt and a bit confrontational she asked him about the items. At first there was a denial, but that soon gave way to an explanation that was not what one wants to hear. The owner of the items was a woman/ a lady that he could not get out of his system. Furthermore, he did NOT want to get her out. Precious. For one reason or another they could not be together. The exact reason remained an enigma. He did make it clear that as long as there was breath in his body, if she came around/into town he had room in his house, his bed, his heart for her.. Wow.. what a revelation. How does one take such information in?

In his life for so many years, through the trials of life they have danced with and around one another. Once again there is availability but there is a complicated clause. Standing between the possibility of them being a couple is another individual. An innocent, unaware of the entry into a semi-occupied zone, but there just the same. His Precious begins to move to close and he has to move away, push her away…gently because he does NOT want her to walk away forever. he needs time to re-group and re-assess. Then, and only then, the dance can continue. How long will he be able to keep this up and how long will she knowingly participate?

Relegated to the ranks of “fantasy lover” these mysterious, elusive creatures grace mere mortals with their presence periodically. They always are desired because they cannot/will not be had; do they enjoy the spots they occupy or do they long to be in the place where their beloved wants them to be. Do they even know they exist in these special places? Do their beloved really know what they want? Perhaps they simply are so very wanted because they cannot be attained.

Peeling back the layers, we can see the barricades are both real and imagined. Maybe it is not easy but the chance has to be taken, someone has to take the calculated risk. The other solution is what it has been and will continue to be.. the undefined, the stolen moments, the part-time relationships that begin and end in secrecy.


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