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The Dating Game:”LoveLetters?”

I wait to hear your voice, but the sound of it is lost. I long to see your face, but only a shadow remains. I cannot remember being touched, because it is your presence I need.

Far from the place I spoke of at the beginning of this piece, is the area I now occupy. I battle to adjust to this new existence, but there are always surprises. This is my tribute to my NOW.

I will begin LoveLetters with what I feel is appropriate for the tone and direction of  my  NOW.  At least this is how I see it. Therefore rather than an actual note professing beauty, commitment, and undying emotion I begin at an ending.

Sadly my dear here we are. We showed so much promise. Not connected by the urgent factors youth present to us, we were able to coast. We could give one another a chance to take time to “smell the coffee”. Our journey to discover was however met with impatience and intolerance, I don’t mind admitting I was the culprit. You see against my better judgement I violated my own set of rules for you. I thought YOU were different, the only difference is now you do NOT have the excuse of youth and inexperience(young and stupid). Yet you still are. I am not here to bash you; I feel compelled to say “good-bye” with an explanation, not to be mean or ugly or expecting a reaction. This is about the conveyance of information. I like, you will not change nor will I make the necessary adjustments for anything to happen beyond what has already transpired between us, We could recover and move forward because of this. Good news is neither of us have invested virtually anything into this venture. It truly has been “eye-opening” for me. So the adage, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is not completely true in this case, at least not for me. So good-bye my mysterious, almost _____( I have no idea where we were headed). You have to know you don’t get to make rules, set up guidelines, and not be able to follow them yourself, nor do you get to do those things without the input of the other party. You tried to and THAT my friend is a recipe for failure. News Flash.. YOU FAIL!

Best wishes and no further contact is needed.

I know that did not sound or feel like a LoveLetter but it was. It was for me, for my very being, and to re-enforce “I” am just fine with the standards “I” have set. I need NOT change, only the one that “fits the bill” need to approach. Right now It is undetermined as to whether or not he need apply.




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