Motivated by a lack of material.

The Dating Game; LIES

NOT to my surprise people are NOT honest on these sites. Why is that? If you are looking for a true match should you NOT begin with the truth about YOU( at least on some level)? In examining this foreign place I soon found that I perhaps should follow my own advice. Funny thing was I did not realize this applied to me until I started working on this piece.

This is a difficult place for many.  Often time , already wounded, already damaged and seeking a solution to the dilemma ..self included. I mean who wants to put it out that they are scared, vulnerable, and lonesome. Those are pitiful words/characteristics and WHO wants to go out with someone like that.

My LIE..I am only looking for “platonic friends”. Why do I criticize or talk about lies when I lied too.  I thought if I don’t suggest I am looking for a companion I could avoid the flakes, perverts, and jerks. However, once again proof positive we are products of our environment. What did I do but add to that which serves to both frustrate and annoy me. I do not hope to suggest you give out your social security number and address to each person you encounter, but you have to tell some form of the truth in the critical areas.

I concluded that I do not like the process and I am not willing to give it more of a chance than I already have. I felt pressured into presenting something that was not accurate. Was this step one? Well I will NOT be taking step two.


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