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How Bout Colin

So I was born in 1959, by the time I started school in 1964, the Supreme Court had made a landmark decision to no longer allow prayer in school. What was there, was the pledge of Allegiance.The Civil rights Movement was well underway and a President had been assassinated.I can tell you the hair still stand up on the back of my neck when I hear Whitney Houston sing” The Star Spangled Banner”. However, that is me.

Colin Kaepernick sat during the National Anthem and he set “Twitter” and the news services on fire. Really? Why? I have heard it was so disrespectful, I watched videos where former fans burn Colin’s jersey, his actions have offended some and been applauded by others. He is being accused of trying to start a movement, a former talk show host told him to grow up because he lives in this great nation he is able to make millions of dollars playing football…. What does that have to do with anything?

Colin was exercising his right to express himself..you may have heard of freedom of speech.  The NFL issued a statement, which in short said the league encourages but does NOT demand players stand when the anthem is played. So what Colin did was wrong because people want HIM to behave the way THEY think he should? Colin is a young man, about four years younger Ryan Lochte, OUR Olympic swimmer who out and out LIED about outrageous behavior in order to avoid being held accountable for his actions and asked to be forgiven because what he did was childish( but there is a major difference between the two young men). However, his being young does not suggest that what he did was NOT well thought through.

The greatest country in the world, but it is NOT without flaws. Most of the flaws begin and end with the people of this nation.  People who wan to tell you the Confederacy holds a place of honor, the civil war had nothing to do with slavery, and racism does not exist.However the 1st African American President has had  a judge suggest his lineage is that of a primate, he has been accused of not being a citizen of these United States, he has been called a liar by congressmen, had a governor point her finger in his face as though he was a child being reprimanded. Now do you want to talk about RESPECT?!

As you sit pointing fingers at a young man who simply exercised his rights, ponder this; do you get to tell the judge how much he should charge you for a speeding ticket, do you get to tell your opponent how many points he can score against you when he is winning, I could go on. The point is no matter how many times it is stated, the problem here is not anything more than a certain faction in American society wanting to continue to have all of the rights and perks of this great nation. The United States of America, a nation that many beyond this ONE particular group helped build. Yet THEY are so determined to have things THEIR way that if they see any small indication or what they deem to be large indications things are changing, then they simply change the rules.

Once upon a time, that worked, once upon a time there was a poll tax, once upon a time you had to have your knowledge tested by telling individuals how many bubbles are in a bar of soap, that day is no more.


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