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A Shoulder Tap And A Whisper

Just so you know there are other posts waiting to be published but this took precedence over them, for anytime I can sing (not literally cause I am tone deaf and “rhythmless”) the praises to God I do. He has been here for me when I did not know what would happen next and did not know where to turn. He has failed me not. I am His child, and flawed as all of us are, yet He loves me just the same. Through my arrogance and stubborn streak, through my recklessness and disregard, He is the rock upon which I can rest and rely.

Throughout my religious ventures, and by this I mean wandering from place to place and denomination after denomination, I have heard many a parable about how God makes His presence known. “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always right-on-time!” I have experienced it many times personally. Today I want to remind all of you and prompt you to look back if things are alright in your world today, or to look forward and up it things are not.

He is said to be a jealous God, thus(and I am paraphrasing here folks) there is no room for worshiping and/or admiring any other like you do Him. Yet his love is unmistakable.  Defy Him and He will get your attention and it won’t necessarily be with the Earth shaking or a thunder clap, but to you it will impact you with that same power. Suffice to say He will not be ignored.

Next time you are broke and you find  money in the street or someone somewhere sends you a little something out of the blue, next time you are sick or are in so much physical pain you wonder why and how you are conscious  then suddenly the medication starts to work and you have trouble recalling that very same pain; recognize what has taken place, stop what you are doing and say a prayer to give thanks, for God has helped you to make it through. He does all that He does without announcements, without a parade, without lights and/or cameras; it is done with a soft tap on your shoulder, and with a whisper in your ear He says, “I got this”. Believe it, because it is so, and because He does.


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2 thoughts on “A Shoulder Tap And A Whisper

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I can relate to this very well….georgia power sent me a check at the time that I needed it…never knew why…but deep down I did know!!!!

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