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To Tip Or Not To Tip…

I heard a story that upon introduction took me back to an incident that happened to me. Mine was a case of false imprisonment and the funny thing was it was at a local car rental agency. This particular case although similar, from the false imprisonment standpoint, had to do with service at a restaraunt and how we determine who we do and don’t reward for the type of service we receive. If you don’t know, come be enlightened. Personally, I think this is something our younger counter parts should look at more so than us, but there are always exceptions. Therefore, here we go.

I had a group of “colorful friends”. California Girls” through and through.  I am proud to say most of us are still friends, but at the very least we keep in touch with one another. We did our share of restaurant hopping too; and I have to tell you we were very quick to tip, and if the service was bad we dealt with that accordingly.

Well when you visit an eating establishment and there are 6 or more of you, there is generally a little note on the menu informing all patrons of the tipping policy for such instances. Most of us ignore this due to the fact this size of a group is not the norm.  It is with that same thought in mind, that I feel safe in saying most of us have been a part of a group that fits the criterion which makes us aware these special sized groups require a little something extra, the extra being one MUST tip.

Oh how we hate being told what we must do. As seasoned adults we take it in a slightly different manner, but it is generally received the same way. The MUST tip thing doesn’t bother most of us, but upon examination can tip, should tip is very different. Realistically, if the service is good and we have the option, the tipping occurs. If the service is bad and we have the option, the tipping may be slighted. Not what you normally would leave or maybe no tip at all. However, when it is right in front of you in black and white that a gratuity WILL be added to the bill for parties over 5/6 people, your choice has been eliminated once you all sit down.

What to do? It is simple you realize and accept that your meal is 15% higher than on the menu because of the group PERIOD. Service from an individual standpoint is non existent. However, if it is good you still can show your appreciation.  Here the choice is still yours. The other alternative is to walk out before you start that bill.  Realize the establishment HAS the right to refuse service to anyone, and you as a patron have the right to not abide by their rules by simply leaving.


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