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Now This Is Scary

There is a bit of a monster in me. I don’t like to admit to, look at, or talk about it. I won’t say I would rather look at or identify other monsters, but I would be lying if I said I do not possess  the characteristic of this very same thing.

We all like to believe we are enlightened. We think we are modern, intelligent, but what about our moments that are not so flattering.. our” toothless times”.

For starters let’s take rural Mississippians, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Allen West, New York welfare leeches and Sarah Palin. They all share a  commonness I want to reveal. Serial stupidity. When we are angry when we are being just plain mean words like ignorant, dumb, stupid come pouring out of our mouths.  However, saying those words and living those words are very different. Here these examples readily demonstrate they don’t have to be angry or even agitated for their condition to rear it’s moronic head.

Whether it is accusing groups of individuals that one does not like of being communist, to stating you can relate to a said group because your ancestors had a relationship with this group in the MOST negative ugly way. Individuals suffering from serial stupidity often time do not realize they have the condition and furthermore they think something is terribly wrong with anyone who does not see things their way. They are entertaining and unpredictable; they are also NOT qualified to be in positions that affect other human beings, let alone an entire nation. Maybe they can all catch a ride on Newt’s spaceship, settle on the moon. Mitt can be king, Newt can be vice king and founder, Allen West can be head waiter and the Mississippi locals” can put their double-wides all over the moon.  Meanwhile Sarah Palin will tell them she can still see Russia from her new front yard.

All in all it reminds me of “Dark Shadows”. As a child I watched this daytime horror/drama series. I was often plagued with nightmares and fear. I, however, could not stay away from the television at 4:00 p.m. Now as a remake Tim Burton offers his take; and while the original creepy environment and backdrop are in tact, the main character is building up to be a rather comical clown type. This does not make me happy, although I am reserving judgement . Reserving that same judgement in connection with the cast of characters I mentioned earlier is not quite as easy. You see if you really look closely these folks have their degree of scary and we should all be aware of that.

It would not do for us to “tah-tah” them away only to have these people, these real life monsters emerge when we were not expecting them in a way we were not expecting them, simply because we did not take them seriously. Take heed folks; someone out there is watching, listening to, and believing them. We wouldn’t want to fall asleep and wake up to a horrifying administration in the White House.


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One thought on “Now This Is Scary

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    Amen!!!!!….my sistah….

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