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A Test Free Testimony

“A Test Free Testimony”, sounds interesting doesn’t it? The truth is there is no such thing.  Read James 1:2-4. One has to look at the nature of man to understand this fully. Man is arrogant and the only way to deal with arrogance is to take it down. I think we all can use being taken down a notch or two, because our memories are short. We need to know who is conducting the tests.

In the midst of doing the right thing, the test reared its head. The test seemingly knows your weakness and without further ado goes straight for the “Jugular”.  There is no hesitation except perhaps on your part. I cannot tell you that I have overcome my fear of the test, but my faith has given me additional strength. Strength that I did not know I had.

What do you do when the tests come calling? We must face these  challenges in order  to grow and I guess during these points the phrase “growing pains” takes on a very real meaning to us.

I have to get just a little personal here and tell you about one of my tests and the lesson I learned. I have a very good friend I worked with several years ago. I thought of myself as a good friend and I thought I cared about her. She told me of a family member that had gotten into trouble and while I gave off the impression I was listening intently, my mind was often millions of miles away, especially when it came to some adult getting into real trouble.  I had opinion and judgement for all to hear(although I kept it to myself). My attitude was like the penguins in Madgascar “just smile and wave boys, smile and wave”. The time came and she excitedly told me her loved one was coming to live with her after his stint with the justice system. I told her that was great and how lucky and blessed he was to have a person so wonderful in his life as she. Sounds good, but it possessed all the undertones of a judgmental jerk, ME. As I said those kind words I thought,” I don’t know why she is excited. What a burden and umph, umph, umph glad it’s not me”.

Little did I know that some time in the near future(approximately 3 years)  I would share those very feelings in regards to someone in my life. I would remember my friend and her excitement and joy. I would also remember my attitude. As noted in another piece I wrote, Crosses To Bare; One thing we can rely on is we do not get to determine what type of punishment or reward we receive. We have no say in when or where these rewards or punishments will take place.  I took note of those things in retrospect I believe this was my test on forgiveness. It was not an easy lesson, but it was effective.

I became involved in a ministry that helps people getting out of that bad experience to move forward. From finding a place to stay to just being a good listening ear, we try to help in any way we can. I am proud to say I am no longer that being who shook their head and pointed their finger in judgment. Now I am the one who looks at individuals and says, “They are just people and we all need a little something at some point in our lives”.

Would I be in this place had I not been tested? I do not think so, for I would have consciously avoided people and situations that I felt I had nothing in common with. Sadly, I would have missed an opportunity to perhaps make a difference in someones life and  in turn make a difference in my own. Here’s  hoping there will be someone for you when you are in need, and in turn you will be there to help meet someones needs.


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